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Is 411 information online a cost effective choice to advertise with?

411 information online explains why we are a cost effective choice for your business.

First off, let us sell you on the idea we have two website directories to advertise your business in. your local 411 and 411 information online we have two sites, and often offer a 2 for 1 special. If the special is not running, just ask us and most times we will give you the second for no additional cost. 411 information online  or your local 411 does not post a review section for people to write reviews on your business. We don’t believe in that. A lot of our competitors do because a lot of customers like to read “reviews”. We are still a small company, and can not at this point manage a platform that has a review section. Not only this but we have had our own review issues with a competitor who shall remain nameless. However, we are all fighting for your advertising dollars and they felt it necessary to create a negative feel for us and our brand by cherry picking negative reviews and deleting positive ones. They also out rank us for our brand name, it was a nightmare. Experiencing that ourselves we do not want to give that a platform. Negative reviews can seriously impact your business. Are they real? Is it a competitor posting on your business profile? Maybe a disgruntled employee or it’s true somewhere, somehow, you failed to make this customer happy. It happened. However should it sit and stay there for years to come? We think not, so we do not offer a review section for your business. Here is the gone, but not forgotten, Anthony Bourdain’s take. We would prefer to just let you market and promote your business the best way you see fit.

As for our cost, we feel extremely proud to offer a platform at a very reasonable fee of $599.00 for a 6 month block. This works out to about a hundred bucks a month pricing  for our basic listing. Let’s talk about some of our bigger competitors out there; granted, they have a better platform and a stronger website with great ranking. You do get what you pay for in that respect. However, Yelp offers that review section we do not do. Do you like that? Will you be able to manage and tolerate any negative reviews? Trust us, they will come. Here is a discussion on their pricing. I skimmed over it, they charge anywhere from $350 to $2000 a month, wow! You will of course get positive ones too, don’t let us miss that, it is possible. You can drive that with great marketing. In our experience sadly people are quicker to post negative reviews than positive one.  Here is Airbnb which is sort of the same idea, an online directory for a service to market. They come in at a bit less than half of us. However it’s only you renting out your home for 14 days a year which is not a full fledged business. Taking that in to account, I guess we come out better here too. Our last pick is good old yellow pages.  They come in at $250 to $400 a month, omg! Disclaimer here, this is just what we were able to find with a simple google search. Please inquire for yourself. These sites are stronger, have been around longer, and have better domain authority then us, but give us time, we are getting better each and every day.  However the question was, are we competitive in our pricing?  I think very much so, $599.00 for a basic listing works out to $99.83 a month. Not $300.00 or  $400.00, or an outstanding $2000.00 a month.  Most of our customers are small to medium sized business’ looking for an extra punch, we can do that. Learn how our service can help you here. We are growing and learning how to provide a better, or additional service for you. We will always be very affordable. We are small, so our over head is lower. Some of these bigger companies are huge with 20,000 square feet of office space or sales people that come to your office. We don’t do that and are able to pass this savings on to you, the consumer.

So lets get you listed with 411information online and/or your local 411 online today. Call us at 844-411-3186 and lets get your business listed today.

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