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411 information online, advertising during covid

411 information online, family of online business directories continues to help small business create their brand awareness. Like alot of business starting out. We are going on strong month after month , year after year. Growing, learning about our own business. Trying new things, and working out the kinks. Then out of no where the Covid pandemic hit, and we like you were effected.

There is no doubt if you were a business that was just starting out, this covid pandemic could very well of killed off your business. With the lock downs, or loss of employment which made alot of house holds have to cut back on expenses. All of which had a ripple effect all across north America. If your business is still open if we can call it that., and on “life support” what should you be doing?

Marketing has always been the fuel that can kick start a promotional campaign, new business, or continue to drive traffic to your store. It is a small secret sometimes a business will sell something at a loss, just to get people inside to store. Grocery stores do this all the time with a few select items. You go in for the unheard of price of one dollar on orange juice. And come out with a extra hundred bucks in normally priced goods. Driving all the traffic in to the store via good old marketing.

Here at 411information online we strive to set ourselves aside from the other on-line directories by maintaining a high level of customer relations. We will always put you the customer first, that is our promise to you. To maintain a competitive edge and marketing advantage in today’s business environment, you must incorporate internet marketing, web presence, and other forms of e-commerce driven marketing. If you’re unsure of what e-commerce marketing is, you can learn about it here: Or please read our full blog here About Us | 411 Information Online

Marketing has always been a very important part of driving traffic to any business. Right now while your business may very well be on life support. Then may never of been a more important time then right now to market your business. Create awareness, drive traffic, let people know about you, and what your business does. Aside form the fact that you need to, there has really never been a more captive audience. Everyone for the most part is home, on social media. Grab their attention, tell them about you and why they should use you or your business for their needs.

411 information online will allow you to marketing your business in your business profile. We allow a space to write content to tell customers why they should use your business. That aside unlike our competition we never ever will allow customer reviews on your business. We are remain dead set against them. As a business owner you are well awear how much a nuisance they can be. You can read more on that here 411 information online and your local 411 online have chosen to not allow customer reviews. | 411 Information Online

If your looking for a place to spend some marketing dollars. Might we shamelessly suggest us at 411 information online our sites are created to allow you to create your content, market yourselves as well as link to your existing other links you may already have. Such as your website, Social Media. other directory links. As well as us and our 3 different sites. That we will create a business profiles for you on. We take our 3 different sites, create profiles on all of them for you and cross link to all of them. Creating “link Juice” to help with your SEO needs also. This is an added bonus when using our service.

As we have established already. Marketing is extremely important to any business. Doing more marketing right now, is a great idea. 411 information online is a great place to start, or a great addition to your existing marketing for your business. If you want to submit your business for a listing you can do so, or look at our 3 different price points, here. Submit a listing | 411 Information Online

Please feel free to learn more about us here 411 information online | 411 Information Online. And lastly if you have any questions, or need help with our service. Please feel free to give our customer service dept a call at 844-411-3186.

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